Numerical RTA JIP – What, When & Why?

By Mathias Lia Carlsen, August 2021

We are launching a joint industry project (JIP) related to the numerical RTA workflow proposed by Bowie & Ewert (2020) that will kick-off in Q4 2021. But what is “Numerical RTA”? Well, in short the workflow leverages a full-physics reservoir simulator to estimate key RTA outputs (e.g., LFP and OOIPs), while rigorously accounting for superposition and multi-phase flow effects. Below you get the quick answers to the JIP “what, when & why?”.

The goals of the joint industry project (JIP) are

  1. Develop best practices and guidelines related to the methodology.
  2. Use field (“real”) data to perform several proof-of-concept studies, in different unconventional basins.
  3. Investigate how the workflow is impacted by:
    • well interference
    • non-ideal well geometries
    • differential depletion
    • relative permeability assumptions.
  4. If possible, generalize the workflow to consistently account for completion water.
  5. Compare the method to other workflows (such as analytical RTA and multiphase flowing material balance exercises).

This JIP provides a technical arena for discussion, sparring and knowledge sharing related to unconventional well performance analysis, also beyond the numerical RTA workflow. This is manifested through several knowledge sharing sessions where experiences and challenges are discussed among the participating companies.

The JIP is planned to operate from Q4 2021 – Q4 2022. Rolling admissions are open until 31 Dec. 2021. The participation fee is 30,000 USD. Additional company-specific services can be provided upon request.

Participating companies get:

  • Full whitson+ software access during project period.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) of the numerical RTA workflow on 10 wells, including rigorous fluid (PVT) initializations.
  • JIP Report & Presentations.
  • Participation in technical knowledge sharing sessions with the other JIP members.
  • On-demand work sessions with whitson team for sparring, support and training.
  • Preferential pricing on future software subscription.
  • 1-day course at project end in Houston, or virtual (3 people per company).

JIP brochure can be found here.

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Bowie, Braden, and James Ewert. “Numerically Enhanced RTA Workflow – Improving Estimation of Both Linear Flow Parameter And Hydrocarbons In Place.” Paper presented at the SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, Virtual, July 2020. doi:

Carlsen, M., Bowie, B., Dahouk, M., Mydland, S., Whitson, C. H. and Yusra, I. “Numerical RTA in Tight Unconventionals”. Paper presented at ATCE, Virtual, September 2021.


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