Practical Aspects of EOS Treatment in Compositional Simulators

Author: Stian Mydland When running compositional reservoir simulations, it is always good practice to quality check that the equation of state (EOS) model developed in a standalone PVT package is exported correctly to the simulator. This is achieved by taking the fluid related output from e.g. CMG GEM, Eclipse 300, or Sensor, and compare it […]

Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management

In cooperation with HOT Engineering, we are holding a 5-day course on ‘Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management’, 10-14 June 2019. Read more: #PVT #gascondensates #reservoir management

Gas EOR in Tight Unconventionals

In cooperation with SPE, we are holding a 2-day course on one of the most trendy topics within liquid-rich shale reservoirs: ‘Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery’, 21 – 22 March 2019. Read more: #PVT#EOR#shale

Duvernay SPE Workshop

We are presenting at the upcoming Duvernay SPE Workshop – ‘Show Me the Money! Moving the Duvernay from Appraisal to Commerciality’, 19 – 20 Mar 2019 Hudson Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Read more:

From PERA to whitson

We are happy to announce the change of our company name, from PERA to whitson! We’re the same folks, with the same deliveries and goals: providing quality PVT services, and related consultancy for gas EOR and gas condensate. We wanted to touch base because our e-mail contact information and website reflects the company name change, […]