Numerical RTA JIP – What, When & Why?

By Mathias Lia Carlsen, August 2021 We are launching a joint industry project (JIP) related to the numerical RTA workflow proposed by Bowie & Ewert (2020) that will kick-off in Q4 2021. But what is “Numerical RTA”? Well, in short the workflow leverages a full-physics reservoir simulator to estimate key RTA outputs (e.g., LFP and […]

The Gas Huff-n-Puff PVT Experiment

By Mathias Lia Carlsen, July 2021 *This is a short-version of URTeC 5016 by Mydland, Carlsen and Whitson found attached to this article. Gas EOR in Tight Unconventionals The gas-based Huff-n-Puff (HnP) process is currently the dominating EOR process in tight unconventionals.  This has happened as a result of operators looking to find new ways […]

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Molar Distribution Models Applied to Petroleum Reservoir Fluids

By Bilal Younus, July 2021 This article discusses two common molar distribution models – discrete exponential and continuous gamma – used to describe heavier components such as heptanes-plus (C7+) in petroleum reservoir fluids. A molar distribution model relates component molar amount (mole fraction) to molecular weight (MW). The discrete exponential distribution is used exclusively to […]

Should We Use Binary Interaction Parameters

By Markus Hays Nielsen, June 2021 The question we want to try and answer in this article is if there are any reasons for using binary interaction parameters (BIPs) as a part of our EOS model development. There are a few things that need to be addressed right away, namely what is meant by “using […]

Press Release

Cooperation Agreement  Whitson AS – FDC de Argentina Buenos Aires — May 17, 2021 — Whitson  AS and FDC de Argentina are pleased to announce the signing of a Cooperation Agreement to work on Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects for Unconventional Reservoirs in Vaca Muerta, Argentina. Whitson will provide its sound experience from US projects in […]

Flowing Bottomhole Pressures Calculations Using the Black-Oil PVT Model

By Stian Mydland, May 2021 The flowing wellbore pressure at the perforated interval, commonly referred to as bottomhole pressure (BHP | pwf) or sandface pressure, is a required input for all classical well-performance forecasting techniques. The BHP is available in real-time for wells having pressure gauges installed sufficiently close to the perforated interval. For wells […]

Lost volumes in MPSR fluid sampling bottles, and the impact on fluid properties

This article was written in collaboration with Gerardo Seri from Wintershall DEA. What is the difference between an MPSR and SPMC bottle? SPMC stands for single phase multisample chamber, which are nitrogen compensated bottles. The nitrogen is used to maintain the pressure of the bottle at or above the sampling pressure. MPSR stands multisample production […]

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How to quality check a developed EOS?

Author: Sissel Martinsen Whether you receive an EOS or you yourself have developed an EOS, it is always a good idea to quality check the EOS. You want to make sure that the EOS calculates physically consistent properties and thermodynamic valid solutions, and that it does not give any non-physical three-phase solutions that will slow […]

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Decreasing CGRs above Saturation Pressure in “Shales”

Author: Mathias Lia Carlsen * This is a snippet from SPE-199982-MS that was presented on the SPE Canada Unconventional Resources Conference held virtually in 2020. The full manuscript can be found attached to this blog post. Decreasing CGRs are observed while flowing bottomhole pressures are above the (apparent) saturation pressure in several unconventional basins throughout […]

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Press Release

HOUSTON—17 December 2020—Stratum Reservoir and Whitson AS are pleased to announce a strategic partnership advancing the petroleum industry’s role in minimizing climate change and reducing carbon emissions. “This partnership further strengthens Stratum Reservoir’s position in this exciting market and enables the acceleration of carbon capture, utilization and storage [CCUS] adoption across the industry.” explained Stratum […]