Dr. Curtis Hays Whitson Receives SPE Honorary Member Award

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Press Release

Dr. Curtis Hays Whitson Receives the 2023 Honorary Member Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers Richardson, TX (18 October 2023) – The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) recently honored Dr. Curtis Hays Whitson with the Honorary Member at SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held 16 – 18 October in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Whitson is employed by Norwegian University of Science and Technology and is the Founder of Whitson AS. Whitson is being recognized for his foremost technical achievement in petroleum fluid characterization, which enables compositional reservoir simulation, and for his influential consulting services, classroom and online industrial courses to share his profound knowledge and experiences with petroleum engineers. SPE serves more than 107,000 members worldwide, sharing technical knowledge for the benefit of our industry. Each year, SPE presents awards that recognize members whose efforts have advanced petroleum technology, as well as their professional achievements and contributions to the industry and the society.

“It is an honor to recognize Curtis for his commitment and dedication to the oil and gas industry with the Honorary Member Award. SPE international award winners were nominated by their colleagues and selected by their peers for their achievement and contributions and it’s my pleasure to congratulate him on receiving this prestigious international award from SPE,” said Medhat (Med) Kamal, 2023 SPE President.

About the Society of Petroleum Engineers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is a not-for-profit professional association whose members
are engaged in energy resources development and production. SPE serves more than 107,000
members worldwide. SPE is a key resource for technical knowledge related to the oil and gas
exploration and production industry and provides services through its publications, events, training
courses, and online resources at www.spe.org.

Contact: Lori E. Davis, SPE Awards & Recognition Manager – awards@spe.org


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About whitson
whitson supports energy companies, oil services companies, investors and government organizations with expertise and expansive analysis within PVT, gas condensate reservoirs and gas-based EOR. Our coverage ranges from R&D based industry studies to detailed due diligence, transaction or court case projects. We help our clients find the best possible answers to complex questions and assist them in the successful decision-making on technical challenges. We do this through a continuous, transparent dialog with our clients – before, during and after our engagement. The company was founded by Dr. Curtis Hays Whitson in 1988 and is a Norwegian corporation located in Trondheim, Norway, with local presence in USA, Middle East, India and Indonesia.