Project Examples

EOS Fluid Characterization

Petroleum fluids are what an E&P company sells to make money, and hence, understanding petroleum fluids is fundamental to maximizing the profitability of oil and gas assets. An equation of state (EOS) model is one of the most sophisticated technologies available to describe these petroleum fluids. We have specialized in EOS model development the last […]

Gas Condensate Studies

whitson is involved in gas condensate reservoir simulation studies. One main purpose of these studies is gas cycling EOR. The other purpose is to quantify the magnitude of condensate blockage, inclusive capillary number and non-Darcy effect, on individual well deliverability. These latter studies are needed to reliably match the historical performance of existing wells, and to forecast […]

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

whitson, formerly known as PERA, provided expert advice and consultation related to the fluid description required to estimate total stock-tank barrels oil spilled during the Macondo blowout. The Macondo reservoir was (pre-blowout) found to contain a near-critical fluid system, with four uncontaminated MDT samples exhibiting near-critical behavior – two near-critical dewpoints and two near-critical bubblepoints. […]

Basin-Wide EOS Models for Liquid-Rich Shale

The resulting EOS model(s) will provide a means to generate key PVT data for individual wells based on readily-available data such as reservoir temperature, separator gas composition (gravity), crude API gravity, and producing gas-oil ratio. The EOS model(s) can also be used for advanced PVT applications such as black-oil PVT tables needed for reserve calculations, […]