people + data + models

An “all-in-one” solution

Don’t settle for tools that take shortcuts! whitson+ enables reservoir characterization for all wells in a “shale basin”, by leveraging a full-physics numerical simulator, consistent, field-specific PVT models and cloud computing technologies. Perform calculations related to PVT, bottomhole pressures, RTA, history matching and forecasting – all in one, seamless solution, with “click-of-a-button” access to everyone in your organization. Share, collaborate and discuss! 



    Key Features

  • Decline Curve Analysis & Type Wells
  • PVT & Phase Behavior
  • Bottomhole pressure calculations
  • RTA & Flowing Material Balance
  • Numerical Reservoir Simulation
  • Nodal Analysis
  • Well Tests (CPG, DFIT)

Take PVT to the next level

PVT has an impact on essentially every discipline in the petroleum domain. However, utilizing and accessing PVT information can be costly, impractical and time-consuming. whitsonPVT streamlines the access to both PVT data and models throughout an organization. Every PVT report, black oil table, fluid initialization model or gas-EOR calculation is centralized in one place. We like to think about it as a living document for PVT data and models that ensures consistency and enables collaboration across an organization.

    Key Features

  • PVT laboratory quality checks (QCs)
  • C7+ Characterization & Gamma Modeling
  • EOS Tuning & Pseudoization
  • Physical & Thermodynamic Consistency Checks
  • Fluid Databasing & Management

A Living Document

  • Dynamic Document, Continously Updated
  • Shared Across Organizations
  • Centralized Location for Data and Models
  • Version control of models

Flexible API Integration

  • Plug our API into already existing databases and solutions
  • Integrate with third-party software
  • Two-way machine-to-machine dataflow
  • Move away from document-driven, standalone desktop applications

Simple & Affordable Business Model

  • Cloud-based system, accessed from your browser
  • Access to everyone in the organization
  • No additional cost per seat and/or node
  • Annual corporate-wide subscription