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Fluid Characterization

Gas Condensates

Gas Based EOR

Fluid Characterization Studies

We specialize in EOS model development involving 10s or 100s of fluid samples from different wells. These multi-sample* EOS models form the basis for accurate, cost-efficient and consistent fluid management.

PVT Report QC

EOS Model Development

Fluid Initialization

*Also called basin-wide, field-wide or common EOS models

Gas Condensate Reservoirs

We specialize in gas condensate reservoirs. Every year, we perform several gas condensate studies, mainly to assess how to mitigate or minimize gas condensate blockage and evaluate gas cycling.

EOS Modeling

Design Lab Program

Reservoir Simulation

Gas-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery

We specialize in gas-based EOR studies for both unconventional and conventional resources. We are involved in projects ranging from lab-scale to field-scale modeling and analysis.

Design Lab Program

EOS Modeling

Gas EOR Modelling