EOS Fluid Characterization

Petroleum fluids are what an E&P company sells to make money, and hence, understanding petroleum fluids is fundamental to maximizing the profitability of oil and gas assets. An equation of state (EOS) model is one of the most sophisticated technologies available to describe these petroleum fluids. We have specialized in EOS model development the last 30-40 years. When we develop EOS models, it typically involves 10s or 100s of fluid samples regionally distributed across a field or a region. These models are often referred to as either common, field-wide or basin-wide EOS models.

Approach & Methodology

  • Quality check (QC) PVT laboratory reports
  • C7+ characterization
  • EOS Tuning to match laboratory experiments
  • Thermodynamic Consistency Check of EOS
  • EOS Pseudoization/lumping
  • Extrapolated Black Oil Table Generation
  • Fluid initialization


  • EOS model in requested format (E300, GEM, SENSOR, HYSYS or other)
  • Black oil tables in requested format (E100, IMEX, PROSPER or other)
  • All digital files and results related to this work (e.g. QC)
  • Final detailed report containing key findings, results and recommendations
  • Final presentation


  • Ekofisk
  • Sleipner
  • Aasgard (Smorbukk, Smorbukk South, etc.)
  • Oseberg & Oseberg East
  • Troll

South America:

  • Foothills Area (Cusiana, Cupiagua, Pauto), Colombia
  • Orocual, Venezuela

North America:

  • Several West Texas CO2 EOR fields
  • Magnolia, Ursa, Macondo & Baldpate – Gulf of Mexico
  • Eagle Ford
  • Bakken
  • Montney

Middle East:

  • Saudi Arabia: (10 largest oil fields, 10 gas condensate fields)
  • Qatar: Dukhan
  • UAE: Lower Zakum, Bab, Bunduq, Shuwaihat, Ghasha Arab D, …
  • Entire North Field & South Pars


  • Vietnam: CLJOC, HLJOC, Minh Hai, CRD, …
  • Philippines: Malampaya
  • Indonesia: Natuna Sea, Kido, Belanak


  • Nigeria: Assa-North/Ohaji-South
  • Ghana: Tweneboa, Jubilee
  • Tanzania: Songo Songo
  • Libya: Bu Attifel, Nakhla, El Mehari
  • Tunisia: Hassdrubal, Miskar, El Franig
  • South Africa: E-CE
  • Algeria: MLNW