Winter news from whitson+❄️

whitson is excited to provide an update of our software implementation progress. 

New Feature Highlights 

Our focus is increasing the functionality and with upgrades focused on simplifying the user experience:  

  • Production Data Upload
    • Handling of different time steps (hourly, daily and monthly data and/or mix of them all) 
    • Faster copy-paste of data into manual upload
    • Mass upload all production data including wellbore configuration for BHP calcs
  • Gas Flowing Material Balance (NEW FEATURE!)
    • Traditional gas flowing material balance 
    • Only relevant for reservoir gases
  • Multiphase Flowing Material Balance (NEW FEATURE!)
    • New FMB method by Thompson & Ruddick (Cimarex / Coterra) 
    • Does not require relative permeabilities 
    • Intuitive and simple diagnotic plot
  • Recovery Factor Analysis (NEW FEATURE!)
    • Forecast BHP, OGR and WGR
    • Calculate recovery factor of each phase (RFo, RFg, RFw)
    • Linked to Multiphase FMB
  • Well Attributes 
    • Mass upload and edit attributes for all wells
    • Attributes include completion metrics (fluid pumped, proppant pumped, stages, clusters)
    • Intuitive overview of what data has been added and what analysis that is done on every well 
  • Analytical RTA
    • More interactive and intuitive slope
    • Export results to numerical model 
  • Numerical Model
    • Geomechanical effects 
      • Pressure Dependent Perm in Fracture
      • Pressure Dependent Perm in Matrix
  • User Experience
    • Download visualized data on alls plot in digitized format 

 Next Up

  • Diagnostic Plots
  • Type Well
  • Numerical Model
    • Multi-layer petrophysical properties 
    • Multi-layer fluid properties 
    • Adsorption 
  • Numerical Model 
    • Deterministically
    • Probabilistically 
  • Visualize Grids 
    • Saturation and Pressure Maps in Numerical Model

The manual can be found here:


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