Summer News from whitson+☀️

We’re happy to share the latest release of whitson+, fresh out of the coding oven. There is a lot of new functionality in this release, and we’ve highlighted the main ones in this short video:

whitson+ – comprehensive software updates list

  • Numerical Model:
    • Multi-layer model – be able to assign different petrophysical properties and PVT in the different layers.
    • Half-bounded well – be able to model a half-bounded well (xf=xe on one side, xf different than xe on other).
    • Possibility of changing fracture rel. perm. curves.
    • Possibility of changing rock compressibility.
    • Possibility to perform multi-segment forecasting.
    • Forecast option using pressure decrease (psia/d), in addition to hyperbolic function.
    • Run sensitivities with BHP control (for choke management / optimization).
  • Bottomhole Pressure:
    • More artificial lift options – ESP and Plunger Lift.
    • Simplified input – consolidation of well data and artificial lift options.
    • Plot – Option to visualize tubing, casing and initial pressure together with calculated values.
  • Analytical RTA: 
    • Autofit – automatically pick LFP (slope) and time to end of linear flow (telf).
    • Multi-well Autofit – Be able to run Autofit on many wells simultaneously.
    • Fractional RTA option – obtain Acuna’s 𝛿-parameter (fracture heterogeneity)
    • Option to use total reservoir rates and total liquid rates.
    • Add notes to “classical RTA” plots.
  • Numerical RTA: 
    • Be able to “lock in” LFP and OOIP.
    • Use of “total liquid” (oil + water) instead of only oil.
    • Be able to solve for xf and Nf (not only k and xf).
  • Production data:
    • Upgrade of library to provide more “excel feel”.
    • Consolidate “UPLOAD” and “EDIT” into one option called “EDIT”.
    • Append / delete data like in excel.
  • PVT: 
    • “Drag and drop” initial GOR to match production data.
    • Use of specific gravity in “Dry / Wet Gas Method”.
    • Make process well specific.
  • DCA and Type Well:
    • Updated export to ARIES.
    • DCA Upgrade 2.0.
    • Type Well Upgrade 2.0.
  • Data integration:
    • Upgrade of whitson+ API endpoints.
    • Upgrade of whitson+ direct database connection process and procedures.
    • Snowflake integration.

The updated manual can be found here:

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the great collaboration and supporting our development. 

… So, What’s Next?

  • Fractional version of Numerical RTA.
  • Save cases functionality in RTA, FMB and numerical models.
  • Flexible data import.
  • Graphical smoothing of all inputted timeseries data (like with custom BHP).
  • GIS / map functionality.
  • … lots more!

Next release is scheduled for August 2022.


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