Caution: whitson+ release is coming in hot ☕

We’re happy to share the latest release of whitson+, fresh out of the coding oven. There is a lot of new functionality in this release, the whole overview can be seen below.

Video link here:

Make sure to CTRL+R in the browser to fetch the latest version! 

whitson+ – comprehensive software updates list 

  • Private Fields
    • Fields can now be private or company wide
    • Each field can have multiple owners

  • Restricted Project
    • Add multiple project owners
    • Granular permissions, to allow project owners pick what is editable and what is not

  • Bottomhole Pressure Calculation
    • 30x speed increase
    • pRi nodal estimator: Obtain pRi from BHP + IPR
    • Significant upgrades to WHP/BHP tables for WHP forecasting

  • Nodal Analysis
    • Better messaging and auto-populating in case of missing data
  • Pressure Gradient calculations
    • Quickly plot pressure vs depth (TVD and MD)
    • Visualize critical lift rate or velocity vs depth against actual rate or velocity
    • Illustrate the impact of gas lift on the pressure gradient
    • Sensitize on nearly anything (rate, pressure, gas lift configuration, flow path, etc)

  • Gas Lift Optimization
    • Plot gas lift injection rate vs expected oil rate. Save time vs multiple VLPs
    • Instantly compare current gas lift against ideal gas lift. Optimized rate uplift value reported
    • Sensitize on casing pressure, tubing pressure, valve changes, etc

  • Bulk Run/Edit/Export
    • Edit Classical/Fractional RTA Time Function
    • Edit Classical/Fractional RTA Phase
    • Edit Numerical RTA Autofit Weight Factors
    • Run Numerical RTA Autofit
  • Analytical RTA: 
    • Classical RTA: Lock intercept at origin
    • Classical RTA: RNP integral option
    • Fractional RTA: RNP integral option
    • New Time Function: Linear Superposition Time
    • New Phase Option: Hydrocarbon (Reservoir)

  • Multiphase Flowing Material Balance
  • Chow Pressure Group(CPG)
    • Slope fit in dP plot to obtain CPG value
    • Lasso fit option for dP fit plot
    • Lasso fit option for pre-POP trend
    • R2 of lasso fit
    • LOWESS Filter Option
  • DCA
    • Single-well DCA mass wells export
    • ARIES copyboard
    • Import numerical model forecast into DCA
    • 2-segment autofit

  • Auto-Forecast (Earlier called: “Multi-well DCA“)
    • Multiple per project
    • More controls: Gas/water cutoff rates

  • Type Well
    • Multiple per project
    • Selecting wells/Sorting in related properties
    • Fluid ratios
    • ARIES export
  • Numerical RTA 
    • 4x speed increase
    • Plot settings are saved when leaving feature

  • Numerical Model
    • Probabilistic history matching (set weight factors & calculate error for each run)
    • Vertical well radial well option
    • Water injection option for vertical wells (SWD modeling)
    • Option to import/use numerical model forecast in DCA feature

  • Data & Integration: 
    • Snowflake integration improvements 
    • Upgrade of whitson+ API endpoints. 
    • Upgrade of whitson+ direct database connection process and procedures. 
    • Calculation Run Overview: Overview of all Calculations being Run on a given Domain

The updated manual can be found here:

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the great collaboration and supporting our development.  

… So, What’s Next? (Random order)

  • DCA & Type Well 4.0
  • Auto history match / optimizer (Numerical Model)
  • Well hierarchy.
  • Consistent workflow filtering (saved across all modules).
  • Commenting (saved across all modules).
  • Fractional version of Numerical RTA. 
  • Numerical RTA autofit.
  • “Send to” Comparison Plot (diagnostic plot) feature.
  • Property cross plots in Comparison Plot (diagnostic plot).
  • Be able to save multiple Comparison Plots (diagnostic plot).
  • Multi-well numerical model scenarios.
  • Multi-well numerical model pressure and saturation map.
  • Multi-well numerical model 2.0
  • + lots more! 

Next release is scheduled for June 2024.  


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