Introduction to PVT Course | In-House

Why PVT? Because it has a major impact on practically every discipline in the petroleum domain. Petroleum engineers use PVT daily. Even E&P CEOs use and understand basic PVT such as “formation volume factor” and shrinkage. This course focuses on the key concepts related to phase behavior and PVT. In this course, we strive to keep things practical and relevant with as little advanced theory as possible.

Geologists and reservoir, production, facility and processing engineers.  Also relevant for managers, government representatives or business unit team members exposed to PVT.

Course Outline & Topics

The course contains lectures with associated exercises. Over the 2 days, the following topics will be covered

  • Intro to PVT – What is It?
  • Reservoir Fluid Classification
  • Petroleum Compounds & Fluids
  • Phase Diagrams
  • Black Oil PVT
  • Equilibrium Ratios (K-Values)
  • Initial Fluids In-Place
  • Flash Calculation
  • Introduction to EOS Models

Other topics can be covered upon request.

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Course Fee
12,500 USD net payable excluding all taxes for groups of 12-20 people. Travel and accommodation cost will come in addition.

Further Information or Inquiries
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