Advanced PVT Course

The main objective of the course is how to develop an equation of state (EOS) model from start to finish. We start with the fluid sampling, walk you through different laboratory procedures and go into the details of what is important both before and after EOS model development. The course is designed to be practical, […]

PVT Fundamentals

Why PVT? Because it has a major impact on practically every discipline in the petroleum domain. Petroleum engineers use PVT daily. Even E&P CEOs use and understand basic PVT such as “formation volume factor” and shrinkage. This course focuses on the key concepts related to phase behavior and PVT. In this course, we strive to […]

Gas EOR Fundamentals

Can gas injection increase the oil recovery of your asset? That is a relevant question to ask for every oil reservoir. Whether it is economically feasible or not is a function of many parameters, where this course addresses the key technical aspects to implement gas EOR successfully. This course will give a background in the […]