Whitson Initiates Multiphase RTA Consortium

This consortium represents a continuation of the 2022 Numerical RTA JIP with more than 35 participating companies. In this study, the focus will be on improving the workflows and associated software related to three fundamental RTA technologies that have been recently introduced in the industry i) Numerical RTA (Apache, 2018-2020), ii) Multiphase Flowing Material Balance (Cimarex, 2016-2020), iii) and Fractional RTA (Chevron, 2016-2020).


1.Develop best practices, guidelines and software related to the three advanced RTA technologies.

2.Use field data to perform several proof-of-concept studies, in different unconventional basins[1], utilizing the three advanced RTA technologies in whitson+.

3.Build out whitson+ capabilities and workflows to simulate multi-well numerical models (i.e., multiple wells in one numerical grid).

4.Evaluate the applicability of the multiphase flowing material balance method to systems that include multiple wells in a single tank.

5.If possible, generalize the three advanced RTA methods to include completion water, and study impact of including, or ignoring,  this water.

In addition to study objectives, this consortium provides a technical arena for discussion, sparring and knowledge sharing related to unconventional well performance analysis. This is manifested through several knowledge sharing sessions and courses in which experiences and challenges are discussed among the participating companies.