Ensuring Consistent EOS Model Transfer from one PVT Package to Another

Author: Bilal Younus There are many commercial PVT packages in the oil and gas industry (e.g. PhazeComp, PVTi, PVTp, PVTSim, WinProp, PVTx). These PVT packages are either used for EOS model development or leverage an existing EOS model for different engineering applications or both. Occasionally, an EOS model is developed in a different (external) PVT […]

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ASTM D2892 Data for Better C7+ Characterization in EOS Modelling

Author: Bilal Younus An EOS model requires five properties for each component in a mixture: critical pressure (pc), critical temperature (Tc), acentric factor (ω), molecular weight (M) and volume shift (s). The three first properties define the vapor pressure curve of the component, and the last two properties (parameter) ensures accurate prediction of liquid density […]

Practical Aspects of EOS Treatment in Compositional Simulators

Author: Stian Mydland When running compositional reservoir simulations, it is always good practice to quality check that the equation of state (EOS) model developed in a standalone PVT package is exported correctly to the simulator. This is achieved by taking the fluid related output from e.g. CMG GEM, Eclipse 300, or Sensor, and compare it […]

Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management

In cooperation with HOT Engineering, we are holding a 5-day course on ‘Advanced Gas Condensate Reservoir Management’, 10-14 June 2019. Read more: #PVT #gascondensates #reservoir management

Gas EOR in Tight Unconventionals

In cooperation with SPE, we are holding a 2-day course on one of the most trendy topics within liquid-rich shale reservoirs: ‘Gas Enhanced Oil Recovery’, 21 – 22 March 2019. Read more: #PVT#EOR#shale

Duvernay SPE Workshop

We are presenting at the upcoming Duvernay SPE Workshop – ‘Show Me the Money! Moving the Duvernay from Appraisal to Commerciality’, 19 – 20 Mar 2019 Hudson Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Read more:

From PERA to whitson

We are happy to announce the change of our company name, from PERA to whitson! We’re the same folks, with the same deliveries and goals: providing quality PVT services, and related consultancy for gas EOR and gas condensate. We wanted to touch base because our e-mail contact information and website reflects the company name change, […]